Like Ted Talks…but for ADHD

On the second Tuesday of every month, ADHD coach Alex Hey will be hosting a series of free talks on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. ADHD Talks will be held in the comedy club at Boss' Pizza and Chicken at 2111 S. Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls, SD. These talks are open to all, but the subject matter will be tailored for teens and adults with ADHD.

June 11

“Is It Me or ADHD?”

What weird habits do you have? Do you ever wonder if other people do those same things? Could it be a part of your ADHD? Come to the June 2019 edition of ADHD Talks to learn more about ADHD's quirks. If you are brave enough, you will be given the opportunity to share your quirks to find out if you are not the only one who does those things.

July 9

“Improvise Your Way to ADHD Success”

Have you ever watched the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? Did you know the talents those comedians employ can be applied to managing ADHD? The July 2019 edition of ADHD Talks focuses on using improv techniques to help ADHDers be present in the moment, listen, be creative, overcome fear, and adapt to changing circumstances.

August 13

“Back to School with ADHD”

As the new school year approaches, come to learn about and discuss how ADHD affects the classroom and what can be done to ensure teachers, parents, and students have a great year of school.