Like Ted Talks…but for ADHD

On the second Tuesday of every month, ADHD coach Alex Hey will be hosting a series of free talks on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. ADHD Talks will be held in the comedy club at Boss' Pizza and Chicken at 2111 S. Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls, SD. These talks are open to all, but the subject matter will be tailored for teens and adults with ADHD.

March 12

“Living YOUR Best Life with ADHD.”

ADHDers need to live life in a way that works best for them. March’s ADHD Talk will focus on how someone with ADHD can live authentically and do what works best for them when trying to succeed with ADHD.

April 9

“Marijuana and ADHD.”

With an increased push for legalization of marijuana across the country, some ADHDers in states where it has been legalized (and some in states where it has not been legalized) have turned to marijuana to help manage their ADHD symptoms. Does their anecdotal evidence support the use of marijuana to treat ADHD? Are there any drawbacks to using marijuana to manage ADHD? April’s ADHD Talk will explore these questions.

May 14

“The ADHD-Crime Connection.”

Do the symptoms of ADHD make a person with ADHD more likely to commit crimes? How common is ADHD in the prison population? Is a person with ADHD doomed to commit crimes? What can be done to prevent those with ADHD from committing crimes? May’s ADHD Talk will explore these questions.