One of the most popular productivity tips bandied about the internet, self-help books, and seminars is: Do the hardest thing you have to do right away in the morning. Doing that big gruesome thing is supposed to help you be more productive throughout the day. This is great advice……for neurotypicals. However, the ADHD brain does not work the same way as neurotypicals. The ADHD brain needs to do things in a way that supports their brain and does not fight against it. So, for those of you with ADHD brains I give you this productivity tip: DO THE FUN THING FIRST!


Interest is the fuel that fills the ADHD brain. Without a genuine interest in the task at hand, it will be difficult to get the ADHD brain to do anything. When you have fun, you fill the ADHD brain with the fun and interest it craves.


The key to being productive is managing, not your time, but your energy. When you have managed your energy properly, you will use your time more efficiently. Doing something fun and interesting at the start of the day will get you in work mode. It gives you the energy you need to tackle the more mundane tasks.

Find Time for Fun

Everyone needs fun every day. ADHDers especially need fun to keep themselves engaged and motivated throughout the day. By taking time for fun every day, you will be more productive when you are working. Therefore, you need to make time to have fun. Without it, you will be less productive and less happy.

If you think it difficult to properly balance fun and productivity, an ADHD coach can help you explore what that balance looks like. To learn more about coaching with Reset ADHD, click here.

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge:

Do the fun thing first!