ADHD Doesn’t Come with an Owner’s Manual

When you are diagnosed, you are not handed a piece of paper with instructions on how to live the perfect life with ADHD. There is no guide detailing a sure-fire way to avoid the struggles of ADHD. The ugly truth of the matter is there is no owner’s manual for ADHD.

ADHD Affects Everyone Differently

The chief reason there is no owner’s manual for ADHD is ADHD affects everyone differently. No two people experience ADHD the same way. Therefore, it is unknown what is the best way for you to manage your ADHD. This means it will take some experimentation to figure out how to manage your ADHD.

You Need to Have Your Own Owner’s Manual

I know I just said ADHD does not come with an owner’s manual, but that does not mean you cannot create your own owner’s manual for your ADHD. This could be a metaphoric owner’s manual or a literal one. Regardless of whether you write out an actual manual, you need to figure out how best to manage your ADHD.

Get Creative

Let’s face it; ADHD is weird. It causes some odd behaviors. Those of us with ADHD will, therefore, need unique solutions to our challenges. So, when you are creating your own owner’s manual, you will need to get creative. This can be fun. How many challenges do you know can be solved by experimenting and playing around with ideas?

Your Manual Will Need Editing

I do not have a written out manual, but I have some working theories about how best to manage my ADHD. I am constantly reviewing how I am doing with managing my ADHD (maybe a little too much). This is a good practice if it does not control your life. Every once in awhile, you might need to revamp your owner’s manual in order to prevent your strategies from becoming stale and less effective.

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge:

Start creating your ADHD owner’s manual