Be Like the Bumble Bee

FUN FACT: It is impossible for bumble bees to fly. They lack the necessary wingbeats per minute and the necessary size. Yet, bumble bees do fly.

There is a lesson in that…

What Is Impossible for ADHDers to Do

So, the research on ADHD says…

ADHDers lack self control. We are inattentive or hyperfocus on things that do not matter. We cannot regulate our emotions. We are impulsive. Our life expectancy is diminished. We are more likely to commit crimes than the average person. In short, we are not expected to do great things.

What ADHDers Do

ADHDers do great things. Here are just a few examples of epic things ADHDers have done:

How Will You Fly?

You might face people who tell you that you will not do X, Y, or Z, but if the above list tells us anything, it is that ADHD is not a condemnation to a life of mediocrity. You can do great things. It might take some extra help, but you can do great things. Even if the scientists tell you that you lack the wingbeats per minute and the necessary size, you can fly. So, how will you fly? What great things can you do?

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge

Fly despite the fact that it should be impossible for you to do