Five months after the first edition of BOREDOM BUSTERS, I bring you the second edition of BOREDOM BUSTERS! I believe I warned you not to expect these with any regularity. Anywho…

Today’s BOREDOM BUSTER is a simple one: Move. That’s it.

No, I am not saying pack everything up and move across the country (or even next door). What I am saying is: One way to defeat boredom is to move around. Get up off of your chair and move your body. (Anyone else suddenly have an Eiffel 65 song stuck in their head?)


I write these words at the end of a very unproductive day. I sat at the computer a lot. Did I get much done? No. Did I insist on sitting at my desk until I got something done? Kind of. I sat there for a long time doing unproductive things. When I finally got up and moved around, ideas started to flow. The moral of the story is take some time throughout the day to get up and move around. It’ll help get creative, be productive, and feel fresh.

Keep Things Fresh

Am I the only one who has ever been struggling with a jigsaw puzzle, taken a break, come back to the puzzle, and suddenly gone on a role? Sometimes, a break will help us see what we didn’t see before. Get up and move!

Blood Flow

Physical activity gets the blood flowing and helps the brain. Studies have shown the connection between regular exercise and brain health. However, even little bits of movement can help get the brain working. I do some of my best thinking while pacing.

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge:

Get some physical activity!