How to Make a Decision When ADHD Makes Everything Enticing!

How to Make a Decision When ADHD Makes Everything Enticing!

ADHD can make a person indecisive. Many things interest the ADHD brain, and ADHDers are constantly being distracted by something new and exciting. Moreover, when there are too many options from which to choose, ADHDers can get overwhelmed and become paralyzed. This can be frustrating, but here are some strategies that might help you break your pattern of indecision.


How Big of a Decision Is It Really? 

Think about this. Really think about it. Is it worth it to stress out about it? When you are able to realize that small decisions are not worth the worry, it becomes easier to make a decision. If you are trying to order food at a restaurant, relax. Just order something.


If It Is a Big Deal, Ask for Some Advice

When it is a big deal, find some people you trust, and ask for their opinion. Make sure they are the type of people who will be looking out for your best interests. You do not want someone who will tell you just what you want to hear or what they would do if they were in a similar situation.


Satisfy; Don't Maximize

When making a decision, it is important to remember that perfection is basically impossible. If you try to pick the choice that will be the best option possible, you will never be happy. Accept that any decision you make will probably have some flaws or drawbacks. As long as you do not pick an option that you know will have negative consequences, be okay with not maximizing your potential reward.


Toss a Coin

If you cannot decide between two options, flip a coin. There's even an app for that. When there are more than two options, you cold roll a die. However, it might not be prudent to leave things up to chance when it is a major decision.


Make It Fun


You are more likely to make a decision if you have fun doing it. Seriously, if there is a way to make it fun, do it. Plus, who doesn't want to have fun?


Develop a Decision-Making Matrix


Find a way to have certain decisions made for you. If you struggle to pick a restaurant, create a numbered list of restaurants you find acceptable. Then, use a random number generator to pick a restaurant for you. I once created a process to determine which load of laundry to do first. It used to be a hard decision for me to pick where to start. Now, I have a system for deciding that, and life is much simpler.


Today's Reset ADHD's challenge:

Make a decision!



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