Feeling Less Than Productive? Do Something Different!


I write this while crouched like an owl on my chair, instead of sitting at my desk like a normal person. Why am I owling as I write this? Well, I am dealing with writer’s block, and I need to have a post ready to go by Monday at 10:45 AM. It is 11:45 AM on Friday currently, and I refuse to work on Sundays. So, as Daffy Duck says in Space Jam, “It’s gut check time.” Something needs to happen, and sometimes, if one wants something to happen, one must change what one is doing. Sometimes, changing things up can bring the focus needed to complete a project. Hence, owling…

Move Locations

One thing that can be done is changing the environment. Move to a new location. It might sound weird, but sometimes you can be more productive in a crowded coffee shop than you can in your quiet office. Just the simple act of moving to a new spot can break the pattern of being stuck.

New Perspective

Sometimes, all you need to do is change what you see from where you sit. Try moving to the other side of your desk. I will occasionally lay on the floor in my office to work. Just seeing your room from a new perspective might bring new ideas or just freshen up your mind.


Add something new to the environment. Play some music. Or, if you normally listen to music while working, play a different genre of music. You might add an inspirational poster or some other decoration thing that will hopefully help you focus. Find something that works for you, and do it.

Jazz up the Old

Tried and true methods of productivity can grow stale. If you feel your routine has grown stale, you might try to jazz up an item or two in your routine. If you begin your day with some jumping jacks to get your energy up maybe you need to add in a fierce viking war cry as you do the jumping jacks (just a suggestion……This might cause a stir if others can hear you). Take something you do all the time, and make it sparkle again. Make it feel new and exciting.

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge:

Do something different and feel no shame!