Find the Right Environment

One of the best ways for a person with ADHD to stay focused and be productive is to carefully choose the environment in which they operate. What do you need to succeed in each setting for each situation? You might need one thing while working and another while reading a book. Here are some things to think about when deciding on your ideal environments.


When applying and interviewing for jobs, one of the things to keep in mind is the work environment. Can you succeed in an environment with a lot of noise, or do you need a quieter environment? Do you need human interaction, or would you rather work alone? What feels, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes are in your ideal working environment?


How will you best retain and regurgitate information? Will you be able to learn and review the contents of your classes better in a noisy coffee shop or a quiet library? Do you need to study alone or with other people who will keep you on task? Or, do you need to study with others because talking it through with someone helps you better grasp the concepts you are learning?


How will you best engage the words on the page and absorb what you are reading? Will your ideal reading environment change based on what you are reading? Do you need to read for school or work around others who can help you understand difficult concepts? Do you need to curl up by the fireplace to read your favorite crime novel? Can you read Twitter anywhere?


Where is the best place for you to pray? Do you need Gregorian chant music while you pray? Do you need to have certain images on display where you pray to help remind you to stay focused? Is your ideal house of worship ornately decorated to remind you of the divine or sparsely decorated to keep you from being distracted?


What environments will help you focus on spending true quality time with your friends? Would you rather socialize in big crowds or with a small group of people? Would you rather go with your friends to a night club or to a quiet coffee shop? When staying in, would you rather spend time at your house or a friend’s house?


Where are you most comfortable exercising? Those of us with ADHD might avoid exercising because it is hard. The struggle with procrastination is real for us. What sort of barriers are preventing you from getting exercise? Do you avoid going to the gym to avoid judgment from people who seem to be more in shape than you? Are you unable to workout at home because of all of the distractions around you?

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge:

Spend some time identifying your ideal environments. If needed, talk it over with a coach.