It Is Okay to Ask for Help!

Our culture places individual achievement on a high pedestal. Those one-man armies are revered for their accomplishments, but oftentimes, what you do not hear about is all of those who have helped those people get where they are. The phrase “no man is an island” is old but still very much true.

Humans Are Social Beings

Human beings crave social interaction. We need to talk to others, or our mental health will suffer. Asking someone for help is something that should be natural, yet we have been indoctrinated by society to think otherwise.

No One Is Perfect

Every human being on this earth is flawed. We all have weaknesses. Do not be ashamed of needing help. Everyone needs help at some point in their life. Do some people need more help than others? Sure. But, that does not mean it is not okay to ask for help.

How Has Doing It Yourself Worked for You So Far?

One of the most convincing pieces of evidence that it is okay to ask for help is that it is needed. If you examine times where you have thought you might need help but did not seek help, you will frequently find a lack of pleasing results. If you are reading this blog post, you might just be looking for someone to give you permission to ask for help. Well, here you go: It is okay to ask for help.

You Don’t Have to Know Exactly What You Need

One of my biggest obstacles in asking for others for help is not knowing exactly what will make things better. If I do not what will help, how can I ask for it? Sometimes, though, all we need is someone to listen. In expressing ourselves out loud and talking it through, we can sometimes discover what we need. If you are not sure who is the right person with whom to speak, just start somewhere. One of my jobs as a coach is to recommend a person seek help elsewhere if it is needed in addition to or instead of coaching. If you would like to explore if coaching is right for you, click here.

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge:

Ask for help when you need it