Why Should I Get an ADHD Coach?

Reset ADHD offers ADHD coaching via Skype or in-person (for those in the Sioux Falls, SD-area). Have you ever considered ADHD coaching? Do you want to know more about why I think it is an important tool for those with ADHD?


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You do not have to struggle alone. Getting someone on your side who know ADHD and how to teach those with ADHD to help themselves can be a great benefit in your journey to being the best you possible. This is what a coach provides. A coach is there to help you become the best version of yourself possible. Everyone needs supportive people surrounding them. This is a true need. You need a team. Go Team You!

Strengths-Based Approach

I have previously written about the importance of strengths-based approaches to managing ADHD. Coaching is a strengths-based approach, so you’re not focusing on weaknesses or negatives.  You are working from a foundation of things you naturally do well. It is much easier to start from a place of strength than it is to work on improving what is not working well for you and is probably something you do not enjoy anyway.

Recommended by Experts

Many ADHD experts (including Dr. Edward Hallowell and others) recommend a multimodal approach to ADHD. Medication is effective, but it only levels the playing field and does not teach vital skills needed to succeed. One approach experts recommend to help a person with ADHD succeed is coaching. ADHD coaching can help teach a person those skills that medication cannot teach.

Studies Show It Is Effective

There has been very few studies done on ADHD, and there are limitations to the methodologies employed in these studies. However, the research that has been done shows that coaching works. A 2018 review of studies on ADHD coaching found that “research to date consistently suggests that ADHD coaching supports improved outcomes in varied realms of ADHD and [executive function] symptoms, as well as in well-being.” The review goes on to further conclude, “ADHD coaching appears to be a useful and valued service deserving increased attention as part of a multimodal treatment approach for individuals with ADHD.”

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge:

Consider if coaching is right for you


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