Why I Love Being an ADHD Coach

Why I Love Being an ADHD Coach

I love my job! It is amazing! Wanna know why? Read on!

This Introvert Actually Enjoys Talking to People

I am an introvert. Small talk is the worst. Meeting new people is excruciating. However, ever since I have started this job, meeting new people has become easier. Instead of feeling nervous about what to say, I yearn to be asked what I do for a living because I love talking about ADHD and my job. I have found that meeting someone I have never met for coaching does not give me the same uncomfortable uneasiness it once did. I find it exciting now.

I Feel Like I Am Making a Difference

No one comes to me and says, “My life is great, and I want you to make it even better.” Everyone who comes to me for coaching is, to some degree, struggling. I get help them. I get to walk with them. That feels great. It feels good to help people.

Part of My Job Is Taking Care of Me

I cannot help others work towards living their best life, unless I am doing the same. My coach and I have decided that, in the job description I wrote for myself, I include something about taking care of me. This means, I can nap while “on the clock.” However, I can only do that if I am too tired to be effective. I cannot do it if I am just being lazy. Taking care of myself also means taking breaks when I need them. I need to watch my stress levels.

Being a Coach Allows Me to Be Authentic

I don’t have to pretend in my job. I get to be me. In fact, I need to be me. If I am not being authentic, then I won’t be able to help my clients. I’ll be pretending to be something I am not, and clients won’t like that. Nobody likes a fake, so I cannot be one on my job.

I Learn from My Clients


Sometimes, while talking to a client, I will say something or my client will say something that will make me go, “Oh, I should be doing that!” I think I have even said it out loud before.

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge:

Please, let me coach you. Please. Please, please, please. Pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry and whipped cream and nuts (if you’re not allergic)

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