Winning with ADHD

There are plenty if times where those of us with ADHD do not win. ADHDers need wins, or life will get miserable. Not winning sucks.

SO….you’re probably wondering, “How does one start winning when ADHD makes life so hard?” Good question. Now, I normally give multiple pieces of advice or several steps of one piece of advice in my blogs, but to answer today’s question, I only need to say one thing:

Notice Your Wins

Yep, that’s it! Start noticing your wins. You win all of the time; you just don’t realize it.

You unloaded the dishwasher, something you hate to do? That’s a win! You completed that project at work before the deadline? That’s a win! You showered every day this week? That’s a win!

As you go about your life, notice your successes, even the things that are so small most people would not consider them a win. But, if you overcame difficulty great or small, you won. Celebrate that!

The more you notice your wins, the more momentum you will build. Winning will become a habit. It will become easier to get stuff done. You will see wins all over the freaking place.

Noticing your wins will improve your quality of life. Your life will get better because winning feels good. Who wouldn’t want to win all the time?

Perhaps, though, you struggle noticing your wins, or momentum is not building up quite like you want. That might mean it is time for coaching. Click here to learn more about coaching.

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge: