Work with Your Brain, Not Against It

Lately, I found myself saying that I help people work with their brain and not against it. I do not remember when I first said it or why. I just know that it has now become a catch phrase for my coaching practice. I recently challenged myself to reflect more on that and what I mean when I say that. Here are the results of those pondering.

ADHD Brains Do Things Differently

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The ADHD brain is not like the neurotypical brain. It is wired differently. To do the same thing, it has to work differently than a neurotypical. It has to do its own thing. If you try to do things the way everyone else does, it will not go well. This is what I mean by working against your brain. You are trying to wrestle it into submission. What you need to do is work in a manner more suited to your brain and how it operates.

Every ADHDer Is Unique

No one person experiences ADHD in the same way as someone else. Everyone with ADHD has their own unique experience. This means, you dear reader (or your loved one if you are reading this because you care about someone with ADHD), have your own way of doing things. You can do hard things, but you have to go about it in your own way.

To Work with Your Brain Means Exploration

Because you have a unique operating system, there is no owner’s manual for it. No one knows how your brain works best. Therefore, if you do not know how your brain naturally operates and how to work with that, it will take some exploration and experimentation. That is what an ADHD coach helps a person do. That is what I do through my coaching practice. I help people find a way to work with their brain, not against it.

Today’s Reset ADHD Challenge:

Work with your brain, not against it!

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