Our Mission:


Reset ADHD helps individuals hit the reset button and start fresh with bold, strengths-based strategies to overcome the challenges presented by their unique brain wiring.


Coaching with Reset ADHD

When a person hits the reset button on their ADHD, they need to have a strategy on how to move forward without returning to the tactics (or lack thereof) they used before. Our goal in coaching is to find each client’s strengths and determine the best way to deploy those strengths. Reset ADHD works with our clients to find the solutions that work best for each client’s unique needs. No two persons with ADHD are the same, and therefore, Reset ADHD does not treat all clients the same.

Through engaging in the coaching process, Reset ADHD’s clients will come to know themselves better and live a more fulfilling life. It is a team effort to manage ADHD, and Reset ADHD is here to make sure you do not have to battle ADHD on your own!


Alex R. Hey, pcac


Alex R. Hey founded Reset ADHD in 2018 to give others the opportunity to hit the reset button on their ADHD and start fresh with new, strengths-based strategies.

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“I am impressed by Alex’s ability to cut through to the heart of the matter. He isn’t afraid to ask questions that help me move forward with new insights quickly. He is caring, patient, very knowledgeable and intuitive. I enjoy how laid back his coaching feels even though he takes it seriously and gets great results.

–Natalie, Missouri



Coaching Fees


Free Coaching Sample

A chance for you to experience coaching and for both of us to determine if we would work well together


Monthly Package*

3 Sessions per month + Various check-ins as needed


Discount monthly package*

For those who cannot afford the monthly package...Don't let financial issues prevent you from hitting the reset button on your ADHD!


*Coaching is a process. For that reason, we ask you to make a 3-month commitment if you wish to continue coaching after the free coaching sample